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Year At Glance for 2015 - 2016

A detailed on-line school year calendar listing all events will be available under our CALENDAR Tab located at the bottom of our HOME PAGE.  

First Day of Classes: Tuesday, September 8, 2015
PD Day: Friday, October 9, 2015
Thanksgiving: Monday, October 12, 2015
PD Day: Friday, November 13, 2015
Mid-term Break: Monday, November 16, 2015
December Holidays: Friday, December 18, 2015 to Monday, January 4, 2016
PD Day: Friday, February 12, 2016
Family Day: Monday, February 15, 2016
March Break: Friday, March 11 to Tuesday, March 29, 2016
PD Day: Friday, May 20, 2016
Victoria Day: Monday, May 23, 2016
Last Day of Classes: Friday, June 17, 2016 





TMS Student is the Recipient of a Queen’s University Chancellor’s Award (February 2016)

Rahul Kapur, a Grade 12 student at TMS, has been awarded a Chancellor's Scholarship from Queen's University. The Chancellor's Scholarships were launched to mark the university's 150th anniversary and recognize academic excellence,demonstrated leadership and creative thought.

Last year, Rahul was nominated by his peers as Head Boy of TMS and is highly involved in the school community, participating in a variety of clubs and activities such as Debating, the Curling team and the annual play.  He seeks out opportunities to engage in current social issues through school groups like Student Council and Social Justice.

In his Grade 11 year, Rahul initiated and organized a service trip to Martinique, promoting this to his fellow students, and ensuring the trip was a success for all. Outside of TMS, Rahul extensively participates in professional level dance performances across Canada.

TMS Student is the Recipient of Full Scholarship to Baseball Powerhouse Canisius ( February 2016)

It is with tremendous pride that we would like to share the exciting news that Jacob Martins has won a prestigious full scholarship to the baseball powerhouse Canisius College, a premier private university in Buffalo, USA where he will compete in NCAA Division 1 Baseball. Jacob has juggled his elite sports journey with his studies at TMS and it is wonderful to see that his dedication and skill has been acknowledged in such a high profile way. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of this from our perspective is the humble and genuine manner with which Jacob is approaching his new opportunity. He is a young man who, with his friendly and helpful personality, is a credit to his family and this school.


TMS School Names New Head

RICHMOND HILL, Ontario, March 26, 2015 – TMS SCHOOL (“TMS”), founded in 1961 as Toronto Montessori Schools, announced today that Mr. David Young will join TMS as its new Head of School effective July 1, 2015.

Mr. Young brings extensive experience and expertise to his new role. Mr. Young, an experienced independent school educator, will be only the fifth Head of School in TMS’s 54-year history. The TMS Board of Trustees Co-Chair, Kevin Talbot said, “We are looking forward to the fresh perspectives he will bring while supporting and re-enforcing the key principles which define our school and that are responsible for the unparalleled educational experience we provide for our students.”

Prior to his appointment at TMS School, Mr. Young served as Deputy Headmaster, Teaching and Learning, and Head of Middle School at Crescent School. He has also been Director of Junior School at Country Day School in King City and has taught in the Czech Republic and the UK. Mr. Young has a MA (Hons.) in History from St. Andrews University in Scotland and a Masters in Education from Open University in the United Kingdom. He was born in Bangladesh and has lived and taught in Scotland, England, Uganda, Czech Republic and Trinidad as well as Canada.  

Internationally recognized since 1961, TMS delivers an outstanding university preparatory experience for students 18 months to 18 years by delivering a seamless flagship Montessori program and a welcoming International Baccalaureate (IB) program that inspires and challenges students to discover the best of who they are and to achieve their full potential. TMS is a member of the Conference of Independent Schools (“CIS”), and accredited by the Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators (“CCMA”), Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (“CAIS”) and the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). The Bayview Campus (ages 18 months to Grade 6) and the Elgin Mills Campus (Grade 7 to 12) are conveniently located in Richmond Hill.

Ann Bianco-Harvey, Director, Marketing & Communications, (905) 889-6882 x 2261

Internationally Recognized TMS School Opens New Wing at its Elgin Mills Campus in Richmond Hill!

RICHMOND HILL, Ontario, September 3, 2013 – TMS School (“TMS”) celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new wing at its Elgin Mills Campus (Grades 7 through 12) located at 500 Elgin Mills Road East.  TMS is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School and this initiative will further enhance its TMS IB program and accommodate the growing student population. TMS remains a leader in providing a seamless transition from its internationally recognized flagship Montessori program (Bayview Campus students from 18 months to grade 6) to its welcoming IB program at the Elgin Mills Campus. 

TMS delivers a seamless, internationally-acclaimed educational experience designed to inspire and challenge students to discover the best of who they are and to achieve their full potential.

Dr. Zederayko (TMS Head of School), Sheila Thomas (TMS Head of College) the Mayor of Richmond Hill Dave. Barrow, Richmond Hill Regional and Local Councillor Vito Spatafora, Chair of the RHCC Janine Purves, MMP R. Moridi staff, faculty, staff, parents, friends and TMS students were present at the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Internationally recognized since 1961, TMS is a lab school for a teacher training facility (Toronto Montessori Institute), provides excellence in education for students age 18 months to 18 years, is a member of the Conference of Independent Schools (“CIS”) and fully accredited by the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (“CAIS”), the Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators (“CCMA”), and the International Baccalaureate Organization (“IBO”). 

Ann Bianco - Harvey, Director, Marketing & Communication, (905) 889-6882 x 2261
Photo attached: Ribbon Cutting 

Richmond Hill Leads the Class

As Internationally Recognized TORONTO MONTESSORI SCHOOLS breaks ground for new IB/Montessori high school!

RICHMOND HILL, Ontario, April 25, 2008 – Toronto Montessori Schools (“TMS”) celebrated the groundbreaking ceremony for its high school campus (Grades 7 through 12) located at 500 Elgin Mills Road East. TMS is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School and this initiative is ground breaking. TMS is a leader in partnering IB and Montessori in a middle years and high school format.  

Toronto Montessori Schools provides an ideal university preparatory learning environment based on Montessori and IB principles that guide and nurture the development of each student’s potential to become a successful, informed, active, compassionate and lifelong learner who will make a positive contribution to our international community.

Dr. Zederayko, the Head of Schools, Richmond Hill Regional and Ward Councillors, Board Trustees, Baymills Ratepayers Association, TMS Founder Helma Trass, faculty and staff and friends of TMS were present at the groundbreaking ceremony.

Internationally recognized since 1961, TMS is the largest Montessori School in North America providing excellence in education for students age 18 months to 18 years, and the only Montessori school in the Greater Toronto Area accredited by the Canadian Association of Independent Schools (“CAIS”), the Canadian Council of Montessori Administrators (“CCMA”), the Canadian Educational Standards Institute (“CESI”) and the Conference of Independent Schools (“CIS”), and the International Baccalaureate Organization (“IBO”). 

Ann Bianco - Harvey, Director, Marketing & Communication, (905) 889-6882 x 2261
Photo attached: TMS Groundbreaking Ceremony


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The following is for CAIS BLOG by Head of School

TMS School Continues to Grow and Develop
After spending the summer working at a table in our library, I am pleased to be writing from my new office. More importantly, I am very happy to see that the school year at TMS is off to a very good start with plenty of energy and optimism from all members of the community. We continue to pioneer and grow our highly engaging and rewarding educational experience that seamlessly combines a flagship Montessori program with welcoming Middle Years and Diploma International Baccalaureate programs. This is our seventh year of working on this initiative and we have enjoyed a great deal of progress thanks to the work of so many members of the TMS community. Year after year, everyone works together in an incremental manner with patience and enthusiasm to ensure ongoing improvement in all areas. We have recently completed two projects to ensure both campuses continue to provide the best space and facilities for better learning. These projects are milestones in our development, and I am excited to tell you about them.

As background, we opened Phase 1 of our Elgin Mills Campus just over four years ago and relocated 106 of our students from Grades 7 to 12. We celebrated the graduation of our first class of Grade 12 students that spring. At that time, we had 2 homeroom classes of Grade 7 students and one homeroom class of students in each Grades 8 to12. Phase 1 provided more than an adequate number of excellent classrooms for learning; it also provided our students and teachers with a number of terrific specialty rooms including: an art room, music room, two science labs, a double gym, a library and a student commons.

As we begin our fifth year at the Elgin Mills Campus, we are proud that our student body has grown in a controlled fashion. This is entirely due to the excellent reputation our students and staff have earned. We currently have two homeroom classes at all grade levels with the exception of grade12, which will double next year. To provide additional space for student learning as our population grows, we were thrilled to open Phase 2 of the Elgin Mills Campus this fall. Phase 2 provides excellent new instructional areas that include two additional science labs, a drama studio, additional classrooms and a Guidance, Counseling and Learning Strategies area. Our dedicated and committed staff also makes good use of the additional space in our staff work room. Overall, our upper school campus will continue to be an outstanding environment for teaching and learning. 

We are also happy to have recently completed the first year of a two year project at our Bayview Campus, the location of our flagship Montessori program for students from 18 months to Grade 6 that seamlessly feeds into our welcoming IB program at Elgin Mills. This campus also houses our adult learners in our professional career college (Toronto Montessori Institute) that provides certificate programs in Montessori Teaching and allows us to function as a lab school. In case you thought we weren’t busy enough, this summer we also did the following:
·  Completed work on the west side of the Bayview Campus to enhance security and improve accessibility
   Added new space and opportunities for learning by our Toddler students (18 months to 3 years) with a small addition to the Toddler Gross Motor Play Room.

·  Created a more welcoming reception area, a better functioning suite of offices and a new meeting room for use by members of the TMS community.  

Together, these changes will allow us to complete work in the summer of 2014 which will improve our lower school art room by relocating it to a larger main floor location with natural light. We will also create a dedicated centre of classrooms to enhance French instruction. 

As we continue our strategic development, TMS is pleased to have the opportunity to work with and learn from other CAIS schools. We are striving to enable our students today - and hopefully our students’ children in generations to come - to be well-prepared for university, career and life. Ultimately, my colleagues and I believe that we are all really working to help our students make positive differences in the world throughout their lives.





Golf Classic NINE AND dine 2014



TMS ANNUAL Parent Luncheon 2014







TMS ANNUAL Parent Luncheon 2013



TMS ANNUAL Parent Luncheon 2012









50TH ALUMNI REUNION 1961-2011!  FEBRUARY  2011 





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