Three concurrent camp programs will run throughout the summer at Discover Day Camp: our 4-6 year-olds program, our Grade 1-6 program, and our Leaders In Training (LIT) and Counselor In Training (CIT) Programs for students in Grades 7 to 9. Our wide-ranging and well-balanced programs give campers plenty of choices and opportunities to learn, grow and express themselves. Whether you are 4 or 14, whatever your skill level or needs, you will find a wide range of amazing activities to captivate you.

Program information and SAMPLE day-schedules can be found below.  More detailed information will be added throughout the Spring as we get closer to the beginning of Camp.

4 to 6 Year-Old Program

Campers in our 4-6 year-old group will also enjoy an outdoor-focused day-camp program that will take place at TMS and leverage the school’s incredible Lower School campus amenities, as well as surrounding ravine area.  Daily programming will include sports, creative arts, science and nature with activities like: basketball, soccer, baseball, arts and crafts, dance (e.g. hip hop), magic, yoga, computer coding, cooking, etc.

Grade 1 to 6 Program

Our Grade 1 to 6 campers will receive an incredible outdoor-focused experience at TMS, as well as both Bruce's Mill Conservation Area and Lake St. George Field Centre. Discovery Day Camp believes that kids learn best through outdoor play.  This program, leveraging access to amazing nature settings, will give campers a sense of being away, while developing a keen sense of independence. 

When visiting TRCA sites above, Campers in the Grade 1 to 6 Program will enjoy the following themed sessions:

Session 1 - June 27-July 8: Amazing Animals

Learn about the many different types of insects, mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians that call TMS home! In this animal focused program all the activities, crafts and games will be related to learning more about animal behaviour, adaptations and senses through fun, hands-on activities.

 Session 2 – July 11-July 22: Outdoor Explorers

Get ready for an adventure into the forest! Campers will explore the properties of TMS, Lake St. George Field Centre and Bruce’s Mill Conservation Area.  Children will learn how to navigate a map, while discovering hidden ponds and secret woods that many animals call home. Exploration and adventure await!

 Session 3 – July 24-Aug 5: Nature Superheroes

After coming up with their Hero Alias and special power, campers will learn how nature influences superheroes.  Campers will discover real life superpowers that different plants and animals have, while discovering ways to help save the planet!

Session 4 – Aug 8-Aug 19: Wilderness Survival

Learn the skills needed to survive the wilderness! Campers will build shelters from materials found in the forest, learn how to safely make a fire, and enjoy cedar tea.


Leaders In Training (LIT) and Counselors In Training (CIT) Program

For students who have completed Grades 7 and 8 (Leaders In Training), and Grade 9 (Counsellors In Training), we offer a program that not only offers development in leadership theory and skill building, but an opportunity to apply them in a fun, supportive environment.

LIT’s/CIT’s participate in regularly scheduled, weekly placements in a variety of areas of camp.  Each camper in our LIT/CIT program applies their learning in the areas of activity planning, behaviour management techniques and strategies to motivate campers of all abilities.  These life-long learning skills benefit our campers throughout their life no matter what path they choose.

Each session this summer will be full of workshops, team building sessions and fun programming, enabling our LIT’s/CIT’s a memorable camp experience within their peer group. In addition, the LIT/CIT program provides campers a chance to be on ‘placement’, working closely with all TMS Discovery Day Camp staff learning techniques needed to be a counsellor or specialist.  Our LIT/CIT coordinator works closely with our campers ensuring that relationships are built, and memories are made for a lifetime.