Our Board of Trustees

TMS has a committed and diverse Board of Trustees – all volunteers from both the school community and the community at large. The Board’s mandate is to ensure the successful fulfilment of TMS’ financial and legal responsibilities. Recently, TMS’ Board was heavily involved with the strategic planning process, providing input and ownership of the School’s next four years.

The Board is responsible for the selection, support and evaluation of the Head of School who is charged with ensuring the successful operation of the School including management, personnel and programmatic issues. As a consequence, the operation of the School is the responsibility of the Head of School, David Young, who, with the support of the senior team, oversees the daily operation, sets the pedagogical direction and implements TMS Board policies.

In addition to the Board, TMS has several forums for parents to become involved in the governance of the School:

  • On an on-going basis, there is a Finance Committee.
  • Every four years, there is a Strategic Planning Committee.
  • When the School is undertaking a major fundraising campaign, there is a Capital Campaign Committee.
  • When there are significant school or community events, there is a Fundraising Committee.

TMS Board of Trustees

Deborah McMillan (Chair)

Bowen Lew (Treasurer)

To Anh Tran (Secretary)

Denise Luckie

Monika Samant

Joe Thacker

Yalda Riahi



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