Welcome to the Road to Lauremont School information hub!

After we heard feedback from the community, we promised to share clear, informative and engaging communications as we transition to Lauremont School.


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Updates from Head of School Andrew Cross on operational and strategic happenings at the school.

Diving into the school's history and why the name change is so pivotal to our future.

Digging deep into the three strategic pillars that will drive a lot of what we do for the next 5 years. 

A summary of all the milestones we will accomplish along our journey.

Events across the school where members of the community can participate and engage with the school's team.

Have questions about Lauremont School? Peruse the frequently asked questions list!

This space will share regular updates packaged under three distinct areas:


Timeline/milestones, our data story, communications, messaging, unpacking the rebrand and our three strategic pillars.


Community events, getting involved and opportunities to provide input.


Opening of new spaces, student achievements, reflecting on our history and anticipating our future.

Our goal is to ensure that the whole community has a shared understanding of our journey to Lauremont School, so we may all come together excited to embrace the next chapter in our school's history