TMS in the Community

Social responsibility has always been in the fabric of TMS. The concept of helping starts with our youngest students who engage in the simplest forms of caring for others, such as learning to use a tissue when they sneeze and then showing a classmate how to do the same.

In the Lower School, there are three grades per class, so older students (those in Grade 3 and 6) adopt the role of mini teachers and peer supports, helping their younger classmates with a wide range of academic and social learning.

This foundation means that when our students move into the Upper School, they have a built-in sense of “doing good.” This quality is in evidence across the program: the huge number of volunteer hours our students earn; the complex social problems that are the focus of their IB projects; and the student-driven clubs that are formed to address real-world issues of social justice.

TMS supports amazing causes on a local and national level through fundraising and donations. But more importantly, TMS students invest their time and talent in support of causes aligned with the School’s values. This could mean making dinner for homeless youth at a local shelter or organizing presentations on mentorship, leadership and moral courage. Our students start their own charities and social enterprises and educate others on the importance of giving back. They are models of goodness and excellence.