Celebrating 60 Years of TMS

In 2021, TMS celebrates our 60th Anniversary!  Sixty-years of leading education, incredible programming, dedicated faculty and staff, and a history of accomplished students and alumni that continues today. Throughout 2021/2022, TMS will celebrate this amazing milestone through a variety of means.  Check back on this page regularly as we continue to make updates and add news and events as they arise. We encourage you to share your stories or pictures with us so this page is a collaborative and engaging platform.  

Are you TMS Alumni that is interested is participating in the “60 Alumni in 60 Seconds” video series? Get in touch! We would love to hear from you!  Contact Rakesh Tripathi, Director of Alumni and Community Relations at: rtripathi@tmsschool.ca for more information.


Lower School Campus Evolution

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The History of TMS



  • Canada has a population of 18,238,247 according to the 1961 Census
  • The Hockey Hall of Fame—which is home to the Stanley Cup as well as a fine collection of hockey artifacts—opens in Toronto
  • Elvis Pressley’s album Blue Hawaii reaches #1 and stayed there for 20 more weeks
  • West Side Story is the top grossing film in North America
  • CTV first begins broadcasting in Canada
  • Wayne Gretzky, Barack Obama, Princess Diana, Michael J. Fox, and Eddie Murphy (to name a few) are born


For any inquiries, suggestions, or fun fact submissions for TMS’ 60th Anniversary, please contact Rakesh Tripathi at: rtripathi@tmsschool.ca