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IB Continuum School

TMS is an IB Continuum School offering both the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP) from Grades 7 to 12. Cultivating a full spectrum of human capabilities, the IB focuses on student-led inquiry, a balanced academic program and active citizenship. IB learners develop traits and skills essential for success in a complex and interconnected world, such as creative problem solving, open mindedness, commitment to others and the ability to adopt multiple perspectives.

What does a student gain from undertaking the Diploma?

All high school diplomas are not equal, and the IB Diploma uniquely prepares students for post-secondary and lifelong learning. The tasks and requirements of the Diploma demand that students acquire pertinent skill sets so that they can think, communicate, self-manage, research and collaborate. IB Diploma students do not cram for exams; rather, they learn how to learn.

The Diploma offers students a variety of ways to demonstrate their learning:

  • Students get the chance to undertake original, independent research on a topic of their choice for an Extended Essay, similar to an Honours paper.
  • Through Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS), students reflect on their learning beyond the formal practices of the classroom, such as through aesthetic expression.
  • Students are able to choose Higher or Standard Level for their courses, thereby using self-awareness to craft a program for their abilities.
  • In the Theory of Knowledge class, students ponder the validity of their own personal knowledge claims as well as the validity of shared knowledge.
  • Until the end of high school, students enhance their understanding of the two great strands of learning and knowledge: the humanities as well as math and science.
  • Students have many opportunities to reflect on their learning and to share those reflections.

University Preparation

Around the world, the IB is widely regarded as exceptional academic preparation. Research indicates that IB graduates have a higher acceptance rate at university, perform better once they are there, and are more likely to advance to graduate school. These findings are consistent with the evidence that TMS has created a highly effective learning environment.

In addition to receiving the IB Diploma at the end of Grade 12, TMS graduates receive the Ontario Secondary Schools Diploma granted by the Province of Ontario.

TMS has a strong history of graduates entering remarkable programs at exceptional universities. In 2016, we saw a number of graduates focusing on health sciences with an eye to medical and veterinary studies; engineering sciences; commerce and finance; and design and architecture.

TMS is unique in that it provides students with the freedom to explore their own passions as well as integrate multiple areas to do so.
- Jay Yoo, '16

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IB@TMS Difference

Every IB World School adapts the IB Diploma with its own particular strengths and characteristics, and TMS is no exception. Through our TMS Design, we have carefully devised our version of the IB Diploma Programme to include the following benefits:

  • As an IB Continuum School, all of our Diploma students are graduates of the Middle Years Programme (MYP), and their learning skills of thinking, communication, research, socializing and self-management are well developed.
  • Our small classes encourage student interaction so that communication, socializing and collaboration are inextricably woven into every course.
  • Our Learning Centre invites students to participate in self-guided and group-related learning activities outside of the classroom.
  • Our Learning Strategies Team devotes itself to the success of every student.
  • Our Advisory Program provides students with a dedicated teacher who functions as their advocate, champion and friend.
  • The TMS Mission and Vision align with the IB Mission Statement such that we produce caring, knowledgeable and active agents of change for the better.

The TMS IB Advantage