Upper School Program

All Upper School students at TMS participate in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme.  This program is based on a pedagogical philosophy that complements our Montessori approach for our younger students coming from the Lower School and provides a balanced and broad range of subjects. Cultivating a full spectrum of human capabilities, the IB Programme focuses on student-led inquiry, a balanced academic program and active citizenship. IB learners develop traits and skills essential for success in a complex and interconnected world, such as creative problem solving, open mindedness, commitment to others and the ability to adopt multiple perspectives. The Upper School campus is seven kilometers from our Lower School and can be viewed HERE.


The Upper School IB Programme at TMS is separated into the following levels:

  • Middle Years Programme or MYP (Grades 7-10).  The Middle Years Programme (MYP) is an age appropriate, integrated program that focuses on the development of the whole student: physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically. The program encourages international-mindedness by exploring BIG IDEAS that engage students in higher order thinking, helping them to connect facts and topics with complex conceptual understanding. Read more about the MYP HERE.
  • Diploma Programme or DP (Grades 11-12).  The Diploma Programme (DP) is the final two years of study in Grades 11 and 12. Courses are designed to meet both the IB Diploma and Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) requirements.  Students in the DP undertake a program of study like a mini-degree for the final two years of high school, and universities and colleges appreciate such appropriate preparation for their programs.  Graduates from the TMS Diploma Programme are active and engaged individuals who will be life-long learners with intrinsic positivity, resilience, and entrepreneurial thinking. Read more about the Diploma Programme HERE.

The Four Pillar Approach
TMS aims to guide and nurture the development of each student’s potential to become a successful, informed, active, compassionate life-long learner who will make a positive contribution to our community both locally and globally. In order to do this, we have created a program called the TMS Pillars which provides a framework and set of expectations for student achievement in the areas of Academics, Arts, Athletics, and Citizenship.

Here’s what the pillars look like at the Upper School:


Students at the Upper School continue their TMS journey within the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme – an internationally accredited, academically rigorous philosophy which TMS has adopted and uses as the framework to deliver the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum.  Upper School students work towards both their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) as well as IB Diplomas: Middle Years Programme (Grades 7-10); and Diploma Programme (Grades 11-12).

The IB programme at TMS offers a wide-range of subjects from core subjects (like English, Math, Science, etc.), to Design, Languages, Music, Physical Education, Art, and more. Students hone their learning and research skills by going in-depth into topics that span multiple programs and disciplines (analyzing the inter-connectedness of subject matter), learn high-level presentation skills, and continuously reflect on both the global context of what they are learning, as well as themselves – becoming more inquisitive and able to knowledgably probe beyond the surface of any topic as they grow as life-long learners.

Emphasis at the Upper School is put on the academic program to prepare our students for university and the skills they will require to be successful. Through the Diploma Programme in Grades 11 and 12, students are able to earn some university credits before they begin into their post-secondary journey. Graduates of the Upper School go on to be accepted to highly competitive programs in leading universities around the world (learn more HERE).



Arts programs at the Upper School begin in the Middle Years Programme where students are exposed to music, visual arts, design and drama.  Students in the MYP explore techniques and build foundational skills while tying arts into the broader context of the world around them (e.g. art through a sustainability lens). In the MYP, music is taught through a band program where every student plays an instrument (emphasis on performance). In drama, students learn skills like communication, collaboration with peers, and hone their ability to present confidently to a group.  Within the design program, students take on a variety of 2D, 3D, and media projects, all through the context of the design cycle (and how it applies to all the work they do). The projects they choose are applicable in a global context (current issues based) and consider both form (the actual design) and function (how their design fits into the world). When students reach the Diploma Programme, they can continue their journey in Visual Arts that culminates in a Gallery presentation to the School. Students from TMS have been accepted to highly competitive art and design programs at universities including: Parsons School of Design New York (USA), University of Arts London (UK), The Rhode Island School of Design (USA), School of the Arts Institute of Chicago (USA), and the Ontario College of Art and Design (CA).



The athletics program at the Upper School is a combination of the physical-education program, the intermural program (as part of co-curriculars), and our competitive sports program as part of the Conference of Independent Schools Athletic Association (CISSA).  Physical education is a compulsory credit until Grade 10 with an emphasis on skill progression across a wide range of sports (including: basketball, volleyball, skating, lacrosse, field hockey, etc.). Students also have the opportunity to participate in intermural (or house-league) sports/activities through the year, or join our competitive sports teams.  One-hundred percent of students at the Upper School are active in some kind of organized activity through the academic year.



As part of the IB Programme, ‘service as action’ is emphasized from Grade 7 through to graduation in Grade 12. Through the curriculum, students learn about global issues and are encouraged to raise awareness and work collaboratively with their peers towards making a change or making a plan for change. Teachers across all subjects will often look for ways topics can be linked to action (research, awareness building, fundraising, etc.). Students also have the opportunity to be part of a variety of co-curricular clubs (many student-led) that allow them to take action in their communities in a variety of ways.  As part of the Diploma Programme, students are required to complete their CAS (creativity, activity, service) project, which continues to promote their involvement in activities which foster their growth and development in becoming active global citizens. Students at the Upper School are also able to enroll in the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Program and continue their work in citizenship (along with physical recreation, skill development, and adventure) to achieve varying levels of the award that is internationally recognized by universities around the world.




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