As TMS Alumni, you know firsthand the experience of a TMS education and the power of giving back to your community.  Continue your TMS legacy today by making a gift to the 1961 Giving Circle!

A circle symbolizes unity, commitment, connection and community. The TMS 1961 Giving Circle is a way to bring together Alumni who support TMS through their financial donations. It is a way for a unique and caring group of people who have experienced the value of the TMS Journey to ensure that those still to come can benefit from our many learning spaces and opportunities. It is also a way to connect back to 1961 when TMS began.

Are you ready to #MakeYourPoint?

We’re asking TMS Alumni of all ages to #MakeYourPoint through a donation to TMS. What do we mean?

Simply move the decimal point within our founding year of 1961 to the gift amount that’s right for you:

  • $19.61
  • $196.10
  • $1961.00
  • Or gather a group of classmates to make a collective gift of $19,610.00
  • Other (A gift amount of your choice)

Your generosity, no matter the amount, will make an impact to hundreds of TMS students, across both of our campuses. This year, the 1961 Giving Circle will support our TMS Titan Fund and it’s three priority areas of funding: PLAY, SUSTAIN, and ENRICH. Learn more about the Titan Fund HERE.

Join the TMS 1961 Giving Circle, #MakeYourPoint and donate today!

Want more information on the TMS Alumni Network? Contact:

Rakesh Tripathi, Director, Alumni and Community Relations
tel: 905-889-6882 Ext. 2248 /