Community Code of Conduct

The philosophy of Lauremont School o/a Toronto Montessori Schools (“TMS”) (the “School”) is to focus on developing a love of learning while guiding and challenging every student at all stages of learning.  The School is dedicated to the education of students in a safe and caring community that fosters the development of character, courage, creativity and a passion for learning.

The School promotes responsibility, respect, civility and academic excellence in a safe learning and teaching environment.  A positive school climate exists when all members of the School community feel safe, included and accepted, and actively promote positive behaviours and interactions.

All students, parents, teachers and staff members have the right to be safe, and feel safe, in the school community.  With this right comes the responsibility to contribute to a positive school climate.  The promotion of strategies and initiatives, such as character development, along with the employment of prevention and intervention strategies to address inappropriate behaviour, fosters a positive school climate that supports academic achievement for all students.

Responsible citizenship involves appropriate participation in the civic life of the School community.  Active and engaged citizens are aware of their rights, but more importantly, they accept responsibility for protecting their rights and the rights of others.

These standards of behaviour apply not only to students, but also to all individuals involved in the School community – parents, volunteers, teachers, and other staff members – whether they are on school property, on school buses, at school-related events or activities or in other circumstances that could have an impact on the school climate.

For all purposes of this Code of Conduct, reference to parents includes, where applicable, custodial and non-custodial parents and/or guardians; reference to the School community includes students, teachers, parents and guardians, administration, and volunteers.