Welcome to the IB Diploma Visual Arts Exhibition 2021

DP Visual Arts Teacher & Studio Photos ~ Ms. Tanya Neff

Cover photo compilations for both DP1 & DP2 designed by: Chloe B. – DP1 Visual Arts student & upcoming Arts Chair for 2021-2022

The Diploma Program Gallery Night is the highlight of the Arts Program at the Upper School. It provides an opportunity for our Grade 11 and 12 students to showcase their art work, explain their creations to parents, peers and teachers, and celebrate the culmination of a lot of hard work. This year, the Exhibition that was scheduled for April 1, had to be cancelled. However, as with many things these days, we have created a Virtual Gallery Experience, where you can tour the students’ exhibitions. Each individual artist has expressed their curatorial rationale, as he/ she shows you how their exhibition would have looked in the Student Commons. Their art work reflects personal experiences, insights and projections about how the world ought to be. So pour yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee, settle back and explore the culmination of this 2-year DP Visual Arts program  - Welcome to Exhibition 2021.

DP Exhibition 2021 - Dedication to the Graduating Artists
Tanya Neff (DP Visual Arts Teacher)


In addition to the exhibit, the DP student artworks are also featured in the Virtual Galleries. You can access the TMS Virtual Galleries (7/8 MYP, 9/10 MYP, DP) here or go directly to the DP Virtual Gallery using the link provided below.  

Virtual DP Art Gallery

Click on the artist name to view the artist’s curatorial rationale.

Click on the artwork to read its description.