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TMS students are encouraging us to create more sustainable campuses, and we agree! 

That’s why this year, our Annual Giving Campaign will aim to raise $200,000 to install solar panels at both TMS campuses.

The decision to invest in solar is just the first step in a comprehensive sustainability plan for TMS that will look into all the ways that we can make our campuses (and how we function within them), more green. The plan will evolve and change with the School, and will be highly influenced by the ingenuity of our students, your children.  While leading in sustainable practices is important, this project also comes with tangible and practical benefits to our School.  The panels, that will be located across the top of both TMS gymnasiums, will offset approximately 1/5 of our current electricity costs.*

In addition to the benefits above, the project will also include the installation of touch-screen panels, available to students and teachers to access all the data generated by this incredible technology. Students will be able to explore all types of information about how TMS uses and produces solar energy.

This investment in solar technology at TMS is ground breaking.  TMS is leading the way in sustainability planning, showing what is possible for our School, our Region, and beyond.  Your generosity will allow this project to be up and running as early as the end of Summer (2020).

We hope your family will support this unique first step of a legacy of sustainability at TMS. It is a powerful statement to our students that their voices are heard, and that, as a Community, we recognize the pivotal moment we are in.

Support our goal of $200,000!


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Tax Receipting
All donations to the TMS SOLAR CHALLENGE are eligible for a tax receipt as per CRA regulations. If you wish you make a donation to support TMS, you will receive a tax receipt for the year in which the donation is made. Donate before December 31, 2019 to receive a 2019 tax receipt!

TMS is an independent, not-for-profit organization with charitable status. This means that the majority of the school tuition is used to cover the costs associated with the school’s day-to- day operations. TMS relies on the generous support of our donors to support the development of new and existing facilities and the enhancement of programs.

*Based on projected estimates of usage and energy provided to the hydro grid (credited back to TMS on a monthly basis).