In October 2019, TMS launched the ‘TMS SOLAR CHALLENGE’ Annual Giving Campaign.  Our aim was to raise enough funds to support the installation of solar panels at both of our campuses. Support from our Community was incredible – even during our earliest stages of Learning @ Home. We appreciate everyone who was able to donate to this initiative and are pleased to announce
that …



Together we completed the campaign, and were able to install solar panels on the roofs at both the Upper and Lower School. 

The decision to invest in solar is just the first step in a comprehensive sustainability plan for TMS that will look into all the ways that we can make our campuses (and how we function within them) greener.  The plan will evolve and change with the School, and will be highly influenced by the ingenuity of our students, your children.  While leading in sustainable practices is important, this project also comes with tangible and practical benefits to our School.  The panels, that are located across the top of both TMS gymnasiums, will offset approximately 1/5 of our current electricity costs.*

We are so grateful for our donors, whose generosity makes the exceptional possible.

See how the Solar Panels were installed at each campus!

* Based on projected estimates of usage and energy provided to the hydro grid (credited back to TMS on a monthly basis).