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Every day, from our Toddler to Grade 12 classrooms, TMS students are learning life-changing skills that they continue to build, hone and master which will equip them for University, and their life beyond. Our investment in our students directly impacts their learning experience.

That’s why we’re excited to share with you our TMS Titan Fund priorities, and ask that you make a donation to this year’s Titan Fund campaign!

The TMS Titan Fund supports one or more key, Significant priorities, as well as emerging opportunities throughout the year. The Fund will help to continue our growth as a leading independent school, and expand our offerings to students at all levels. While tuition fees fund the day-to-day operations of our School, your support of The TMS Titan Fund will provide us with the ability to invest in advanced upgrades and new project and program opportunities of benefit to our students.

The TMS Titan Fund will look across all levels of the school and fund student facing projects that speak to three key areas of investment that will continue to build and support skill building in our students:

It is our goal that, with your generous support, we will raise $300,000 to support these priorities, and continue to create spaces, programs and environments that inspire the best learning for our students, your children.

Join other TMS families in making an important gift to the TMS Titan Fund this year!


For further information or to make a donation by telephone, please email 


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