TMS Titan Fund

In Greek history, the Titans were immortal giants of incredible strength and knowledge. Today, a ‘Titan’ is a person whose actions strongly influence a course of events - one that stands out for greatness of achievement. These characteristics and values live within our School’s mascot, and is what inspired the establishment of a NEW form of Annual Giving at TMS …


The TMS Titan Fund will support one or more key, Significant, priorities at our School that will be defined each year, as well as new and emerging opportunities throughout the year.  The Fund will help to continue our growth as a leading independent school.

While tuition fees fund the day-to-day operations of our School, your support of The TMS Titan Fund provides us with the ability to invest in advanced upgrades and new project and program opportunities of benefit to our students, as they arise.

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For 2020/2021, The TMS Titan Fund’s focus will include these specific priorities at our School:

We will expand our footprint at the Upper School by renovating our Edward Street property (to the north of the current campus) to provide more learning spaces for our students. We also anticipate the start of our Phase 2 ‘Building Our Significance’ Capital Campaign to build a Dining Hall at the Upper School, and renovate space at the Lower School for dining.

We will continue to seek opportunities to enrich our classrooms with the addition of leading-edge learning tools (e.g. online learning technology/software) as well as enhancements to our hallways and shared spaces across both campuses so that every student at TMS can feel inspired, empowered, and secure.

We will investigate innovative learning supports (specialized outdoor technology) and equipment (outdoor physical education upgrades), as well as infrastructure such as more permanent outdoor learning spaces. We will also look at opportunities that merge sustainability into the outdoor learning curriculum, to ensure that our students continue to experience the best of outdoor learning at both the Lower and Upper School.

We will support advanced upgrades and new project and program opportunities for our students, as they arise through the year.

With your generous support, we can raise $200,000 to establish The TMS Titan Fund, and launch these Significant and timely projects that will benefit students across our School.

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