Welcome to the TMS 2022/23 Re-enrolment Page!

Re-enrolment is fully online for the 2022/23 School Year. To get started:

  • Please click on the appropriate box below for the Grade/Level your child will be going into in September 2022.
    • Please note: If your child is currently in Children's House 3 and is going into Grade 1 in September 2022, please fill out the Elementary Re-enrolment form 
  • The form has several fields you need to complete including demographics and tuition payment options.
  • If you have more than one child attending TMS, you must fill out a separate form for each of them.
  • Once finished, you can just click on the Submit button. You will receive an email confirmation after your submission.

Your child is not considered re-enrolled until you have submitted BOTH a completed online form by February 11 AND made your first payment by March 1, 2022.