Welcome to the TMS 2023/24 Re-enrolment Page!

Re-enrolment is fully online for the 2023/24 School Year. To get started:

  • Please click on the appropriate box below for the Grade/Level your child will be going into in September 2023.
    • Please note: If your child is currently in Children's House 3 and is going into Grade 1 in September 2023, please fill out the Elementary Re-enrolment form. 
  • The form has several fields you need to complete including demographics and tuition payment options.
  • If you have more than one child attending TMS, you must fill out a separate form for each of them
  • No Invoices: Please note that this year we will not be issuing invoices.  Once finished, you can just click on the Submit button. You will receive an email confirmation after your submission. Please keep this confirmation as it contains the details of the payment plan selected and the amount owing on February 1.
  • Questions about re-enrolment? visit our FAQ page.

Your child is not considered re-enrolled until you have submitted BOTH a completed re-enrolment form and made the first tuition payment by February 1, 2023. Please note that if we don't have both the form and payment by that date, your child will not be considered fully re-enrolled. We have waitlists for new students across all levels of the school. After February 1, 2023 we will start to reach out to those students to fill any spaces.