As the weather gets colder, we are reminded that we are fully into the winter season which means that it is time to update our community about our Inclement Weather School Closure (Snow Day) policy for this school year.

While we do our utmost to keep our doors open to in-person learning, we will always prioritize the safety of our students, staff and parents and closely monitor the advice of public authorities and meteorological experts in coming to a decision. We will send out an email advising if TMS is open or closed. That message will be sent by 6:30 am so we encourage you to stay home until you know the school's status. A message will also be published on the TMS website by 6:30 AM.  Please check your email or the TMS website before departing for school.

For this school year, we will follow the procedure outlined below:

First Snow Day: No classes.

Additional Snow Days: The instructional day will begin slightly later than usual; the Academic Heads will provide specific information about the start of the day. Age-appropriate lesson activities will be provided for students. Depending on the age level, some of these may take place in real time (synchronous), while other activities will be provided off line (asynchronous). More detailed information will be provided by your child's teachers or the Academic Head.