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The TMS Schulich Innovation & Entrepreneurial Experience is a collaboration between Innovation York at York University, the Schulich Executive Education Centre (SEEC) and TMS. This is the first time Schulich/Innovation York have developed a program like this for high school-age students in the independent school system. All participants will receive a SEEC Certificate and will develop connections to academics and practitioners as mentors and resources for potential on-going learning opportunities.

The program is open to all current TMS Grade 9 and 10 students and is designed to wrap around in-class work on design thinking, public speaking, inquiry and collaboration. Please note that this is not a “business” course but one that will help our students develop an entrepreneurial mindset. The benefits of this program will be as applicable for students interested in healthcare, law, and STEM as much as those with a passion for a career in business.

For 2021, we will use the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals ( Students accepted into the program will work in small groups to develop solutions that address the overarching focus of the program for 2021: homelessness. The students take part in a two-week immersive experiential application of design and systems thinking to help move a passion project from concept to reality and benefit from a unique opportunity to work with industry experts in an innovative and leading edge university environment. This program builds on the excellent work in the TMS IB programme by taking a deeper dive into topics of relevance to an IB student with a growth mindset.

We will likely be offering the program in a hybrid format and anticipate parts of the program can be delivered at ventureLAB/IBM, YSpace/Innovation York, and other innovation and outdoor learning spaces in York Region.

The program will run July 5-16, 2021.

Read about the TMS Schulich Innovation & Entrepreneurial Experience in our new COHORT 2021 Brochure below!


"What I’m most proud of [from the Schulich Experience] was my business pitch that we presented at the end of the two weeks. Each student starts off with a business idea that you come up with on your own that reflects your own ideas and passions. Then you’re able to spend the two weeks developing that business idea as well as learning strategies and skills to help you with that process. The end-goal is to create a business pitch/presentation that’s then presented to your peers, mentors, and families. It’s incredibly rewarding to start with a vague outline of an idea and put so much work and thought into it that it becomes an actual feasible business model that was entirely of your own making. Of course your mentors are always available to help you, but the final pitch is done individually, which makes it all the more gratifying.
- Chloe M., Cohort 1 Participant (TMS Gr. 11 Student)

“The most fun part of the program in my opinion was traveling downtown to visit the company Shopify – a Canadian e-commerce company. It was a new experience for me to see their workplace that did not follow the conventional cubicles that most companies have. It was an extremely open-concept workplace environment (that included a “game room”). This made for a really enjoyable workplace for employees. This gave me an idea of the environment that I would like to work in later in life and how your work environment affects the way that you work”.
- Amar R., Cohort 1 Participant (TMS Gr. 10 Student)

“To see 14 and 15 year olds up on a stage to be able to pitch a diverse array of ideas in front of a group that is just simply amazing. They will carry this for the rest of their lives.”
-Dr. Wendy Kumeta, TMS Parent

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TMS Schulich Experience Information Session - January 18, 2021