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The TSE2022 applications are now closed. Thank you for your interest. We will be in touch with all applicants shortly to advise about next steps.

The TMS Schulich Innovation & Entrepreneurial Experience (TSE) is a collaboration between Innovation York at York University, the Schulich Executive Education Centre (SEEC) and TMS. This is a unique program that Schulich/Innovation York have developed for high-school age students in the independent school system  All participants will develop a learner profile portfolio, receive a Schulich certificate and develop connections to academics and practitioners as mentors and resources for potential on-going learning opportunities.

The TSE is open to all current TMS Grade 9 and 10 students and is designed to wrap around in-class work on design thinking, public speaking, inquiry and collaboration.  Please note that this is not a “business” course but is one that applies business concepts like branding and market research to social issues to create sustainable social change so our students develop a social entrepreneurial mindset. The benefits of this program are applicable for students interested in exploring any career option whether it be healthcare, law, business, STEM or the arts and in developing soft skills such as collaboration, leadership and resilience.

The TSE is a six month program that has three unique phases: Ideation, Incubation and Immersion. The students take part in a six month program (February to July) that culminates in a two-week immersive experiential application of design and systems thinking to help move a passion project from concept to reality and benefit from a unique opportunity to work with industry experts in an innovative and leading edge university environment. This program builds on the excellent work in the TMS IB programme by taking a deeper dive into topics of relevance to an IB student with a growth mindset.

For 2022, we will continue to use the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals ( All students accepted into the program will work in small groups to develop solutions to address this year’s theme: Sustainability: Exploring Social Systems and Infrastructure Post Pandemic which will touch on many of the SDGs: improved infrastructure, health and wellbeing, models of work, gender and more.  

The Ideation and Incubation phases will run at TMS and YSpace during the school year and the Immersion phase will take place at Schulich, IBM and YSpace as well as other innovation spaces in the GTA. The Immersion phase of the TSE will run July 4-15, 2022.

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TMS has had a culture of innovation for some time. The TSE is another example of how TMS is committed to giving their students opportunities to learn how to solve real world issues. From my experience, TMS is one of the schools at the forefront of offering programs to help students develop the skills that are applicable no matter what career path they choose. The school is a leader in the space of creating future Changemakers.  
- Lucas Chang, TSE Program Director

"One thing I have learned about in this program is entrepreneurship and how to make a difference. There are not that many people our age advocating for youth homelessness and through this program we have learned how to bring light to this issue and contribute a solution."
- Krishan T., TSE2021 Participant

"The Schulich Experience was truly remarkable. My son learned and developed skills that will set him up for success in the future. He cultivated leadership skills through a lens of social innovation. He was supported as he took risks, rethought, reimagined and created solutions to problems that had a real social impact. The guest speakers, outings, design think tank and more made the learning that much more impactful. I was amazed when I attended the Schulich graduation and heard all the ideation that happened around finding solutions to youth homelessness.  It was inspiring to see these future leaders in action."
- Cory Marks, parent of a TSE2021 Participant 

See the TSE2021 in action!


Click the video below and review the slides from the Schulich Information Session held on December 2, 2021.