TMS works with InSchoolwear, an external provider for our official uniforms and all TMS Athletic Wear.

Please use the codes below to purchase uniforms on the InSchoolWear online store.

Lower School: tmsb

Upper School: tmse

Uniforms Remain Unchanged 
2023-24 School Year

There will be no changes to the TMS Uniform for the 2023/24 School year. 

  • The kilt/skort/tunic plaid will remain unchanged.
  • The blazer (required for Upper School students) will remain unchanged.
    • TMS is working with InSchoolWear to have all current blazers(with or without the current logo) recrested in the Spring/Summer of 2024.

As we transition to the new name of our School, there will only be minor changes to the cresting on items like the polo shirts, pants and Elementary cardigan.

TMS Uniforms on display