Volunteering at TMS

We are committed to creating a Culture of Giving. We define a Culture of Giving as an “all in” culture that is evident through the whole TMS journey and experienced in a similar way in all parts of the school. At the heart of this Culture of Giving is good connections with parents, building I Am Known into everything we do, providing clear communications and using inclusive language. A Culture of Giving clearly places equal value on the many ways in which our community can engage with the School. Our Culture of Giving focuses on the concept of Time, Talent and Treasure.

Time is a way to define and celebrate meaningful volunteer opportunities. We welcome the involvement of parents to help with a range of activities and events and to be active participants in the daily life of the School. We have a range of volunteer opportunities such as parent ambassadors and event organizers.

Talent refers to opportunities where parents lend us their expertise. Knowing we can count on parents’ specific expertise or knowledge makes a big difference to the School. Examples of this in action are parents who offer career advice to our Upper School students or who take on committee positions such as finance and strategic planning.

For more information on volunteering opportunities at the school, click here.

TMS Volunteer Group Photo