Titan Life

In Greek history, the Titans were immortal giants of incredible strength and knowledge. Today, a ‘Titan’ is a person whose actions strongly influence a course of events - one that stands out for greatness of achievement. These characteristics and values live within our School’s mascot – Titus the TMS Titan – and within our School Community of Titans!

Across all levels of the school, TMS students are exposed to enriched learning environments both inside and outside the classroom. While our students excel academically, they also explore wide-ranging interests and grow their talent in arts, athletics, citizenship, social justice, technology, entrepreneurial thinking and leadership to name a few.

Titan Life is made up of a variety of opportunities to try something new (as a member of a club, co-curricular, or extracurricular activity), be part of a team, make a difference and grow as a leader.  TMS students embrace excellence and gain real-life experience “doing good” in the world.

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Upper School Students playing baketball