Toddler and Children's House Titan Life

Our Toddler students (18 months to 3 years) are exposed to a variety of activities within the Montessori classroom environment and beyond that start to cultivate their interests outside of academics.  They begin to express themselves artistically using a variety of mediums. They explore the outdoors and engage in physical activity numerous times in the day, developing physical and social skills on the playground or as part of outdoor classroom work, such as planting a garden. Their gross motor skills are also enhanced with daily visits to the dedicated Gross Motor Room. They gather regularly for music - learning balance, rhythm and coordination through song, dance, movement and celebrations.  They learn about community and citizenship while helping the teachers to maintain the environment and supporting their classmates.

TMS Children’s House students (3-6 years) continue to build on the skills above with increased independence and refinement. They regularly engage in visual art projects and crafts; appreciate nature while learning and exploring the outdoors; develop and enhance physical abilities in dedicated playgrounds and Physical Education classes; express themselves in music through song, dance and the dramatic arts; increase their understanding of the importance of citizenship as they are daily role models for their classmates; maintain their learning environments and contribute to school-wide initiatives; for example, assemblies, and donate to charitable organizations.

All of these activities build a foundation of creativity, confidence, enthusiasm and independence as our younger students enter the Elementary program.