At TMS, we saw an opportunity to help create a network of like-minded women leaders in independent education after a tough three years. We want to start a movement to provide meaningful ways for women to connect, re-connect, inspire (and be inspired), feel uplifted and in turn, lift up others.

The idea behind this movement is twofold: personal and professional.  On a personal level, we hope participants will take the opportunity to consider the conversations they want and need to have with themselves. On a professional level, our goal is to build a community that provides support, mentoring, and encouragement for women as they undertake those conversations. This is about taking a collective approach to helping each other - in a joyful, fun and meaningful way!

On March 1,  over 90 women gathered in our Lower School Atrium to hear from Tammy Heermann about Courageous Conversations. The buzz in the room was amazing as women from a number of schools in Ontario connected, supported, and shared – all over delicious treats.

We followed that up in April with a Zoom evening with Lara Koretsky who had us reflect on our inner voices (that help or hinder), our leadership identity and inner leader.

Our third gathering on October 11 will bring back Lara to share (in person) the idea of saboteurs – the inner voices that get in the way of us being able to step into Courageous Conversations.